Most Asked questions in sales interview .

Most Ask Questions In Sales Interview

Hey readers welcome you all again on my blog here I gonna give you guys some unique question of sales interview which help you a lot in your preparation for your interview and it's also improve your skill and you all know sales is the one of the biggest industry in current time which recruit number of candidates in running time and with every recruitment competition become though for new comers bcoz everyone want a well known guy with all the abilities and skills so here I m giving you guys some tips of sales interview .
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So guys here some brilliant questions and unique answers and it's my aim to get you to pass your sales interview so without wasting a time let's get to the point.
1. Tell me something about yourself and why you are a good fit for this sales role so??
Tips: this is premuch question tell me about yourself and why you are a good fit for this sales role now before I give you a brilliant answer to this question here's two important tips number one make sure you split your answer up into two specific areas the first one is you give the panel details about you and then you explain why you are a strong fit for this role so the details that you give them need to be relevant to the competencies required to be an effective salesperson and I'll give you those in a second number two when explaining why you are a good fit for the role this is your opportunity to speak about their company and why their company is suited to your sales skills and qualities now most people at the interview will say well I'm a good fit because I'm a great team worker etc you're going to be different you're going to stand out and you're gonna say I'm the perfect fit for your company because I've researched you and you are innovative forward-thinking and that matches my skills and qualities so let's have a look at a great answer to the interview question tell me about yourself and why you are a good fit for this particular sales role here we go first and foremost I am an energetic positive and resilient person who has had a passion for sales for many years I believe I have the right personality to work in sales and I never get defeated I am always trying to improve my ability to both build client and prospect relationships and I'm also improving my skills at overcoming objections with a view to constantly increasing my conversion rate I feel I am a good fit for this sales position because you are an innovative forward-thinking organization who are clearly going places and coupled with my own career aspirations and my enthusiastic approach for work I believe it would be the perfect combination that's a stronger answer and that will impress the interview panel the first thing that you say to that question tell me about yourself so obviously you can take notes as you go along but if you would like a copy of these as I work through them pleasel if you're successful how much time would you spend cultivating customer relationships versus searching for new leads or clients and why so I'll repeat the question if you're successful how much time would you spend cultivating customer relationships versus searching for new leads or clients and why so two tips before I'll give you a great answer my advice is to spend more time cultivating customer relationships because these people are easier to sell to in the long term and I'll give you a quick example every couple of years I buy a new car but I travel 300 miles to go to the same garage that I've always used to buy my cars and the reason being is the salesperson there always looks after me and he spends a lot of time cultivating the client relationship between him and myself so he regularly contacts me see if I'm still enjoying the car and then I'm likely to go back to him which I do every couple of years so my advice is to spend time cultivating those customer relationships because they are easier to convert in the long term now this my advice is to have an innovative strategy for generating new business leads or prospects ready to talk about your sales interview and I'll give you one right now ok let's have a look at the answer to the interview question if you're successful how much time would you spend cultivating customer relationships versus searching for new leads or clients and why here we go I always spend about 80% my time cultivating customer and client relationships and 20% of my time sourcing new leads in fact the method I've been using to cultivate new leads works really  well

 3 what you supposed to do if you get the job
Tips- now most candidates won't have a clue what to say here so this is your chance to shine and stand out so most people will say I'll get to learn the role you know I'll find out about your company you will be confident in your answer you're gonna tell them exactly what you plan to do so my advice with your answer to this question is to focus your answer on these two areas number one you as much as possible about their products and their services because that helps you to sell and secondly and this is the important bit you focus on building relationships with internal members of staff so to be successful in sales one of the key aspects is to always follow up with clients and customers once the sale has been made you follow up on your promises so for example if you generate a sale and then you ask the accounts team to you know issue an invoice or you know ya raise an invoice or something for payment and they don't do it quickly then you will lose the sale and the only way that that can happen is for you to build relationships with those people and then you can complete the sales process so what about the answer to this question if we hide you in this sales position
3.what would you do in your first month of working it here's my answer for you to use I would want to hit the ground running I would not waste time in finding out as much information as possible about your products and services and also the type of clients and prospects I could convert the easiest I would need to know quickly and comprehensively the service you offer so I can answer any question your prospects or customers might have and I can then also foresee any potential objections I would also spend time building relationships with the other key departments within your business notably the accounts team and other support departments as this will help make the sales process run more smoothly once I begin to generate sales so that is a great response because you know what you're gonna do as soon as you start and you get the job
next question of your sales interview how do you handle customer objections so you probably know what these are but just to reiterate customer object objections are when customers say oh it's too expensive I'll come back later on or I don't really think it's suitable for me so how do you handle a customer objections they they happen all the time in sales so number one being able to handle customer objections is vital if you are to be successful in sales so my advice is to already have a plan . how do you handle customer objections now this is a good question and handling objections is something that I really enjoy this is the challenging aspect of sales I actually have a seven step approach for handling objections I know we start off by making the prospect feel they are being heard and I demonstrate a genuine understanding of their position I then explain how my solution has helped many other people and I will often give them a real-life case study of someone who has benefited from our service I then take the opportunity to open a proper in-depth conversation with them so they know I am taking the time to listen to and address any concerns they have now after listening to them I always acknowledge and address each specific objection I then go back to the end result so they can visualize where they will be after using your product or service I'll then move on and explain the low risk factor associated with utilizing your services and explain any further benefits such as cost benefits or savings now throughout the dialogue and the handling of those objections I'm always entirely open honest and transparent about your service because I feel this is important in continuing to build trust and reach that all-important conversion so that answer shows you know what you're talking about when handling objections .
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next question what's the best way to establish a relationship with a prospective client or customer so how do you build relationships with clients or customers two tips now obviously to build relationships in sales you must build trust you have to be transparent and you have to listen to the customer or the prospect and my advice is to use this five-step plan for building stronger relationships with potential customers and clients you can use this during your sales interview here we go so the question to reiterate what's the best way to establish a relationship with a prospective client or customer here we go I believe the best way to build relationships is to always remember five things always treat your customers the right way and always be open and honest at every stage you should always listen to them and their concerns or objections and you should then try to build trust between yourself and the but and always be truthful in every aspect of the communication finally you should always be transparent and follow up on your promises and that follow-up part there is really important as I mentioned before about building up relationships with other people within different departments of your company .

       Next question - after how much time you would like to get permoted when recruiter ask you these question beyond these he had two intension first he wants to your carrier plan with these organization and other one that he trying to see your zeal that how aspired you are about your career you need to understand the concept of the asking a question and must give relevant answer like once I became a part of your organization I will give my best In different parameters which required for my role if my senior think I am capable for handling more terms and they ask me for promote I'll go for it sure on the other hand I'll try my level best to heard such things from my senior because I want grow my carrier with all the gud thing's

So guys here I share some questions of sales interview which is more beneficial for your preparation with this great note I leave you guys for such kind of knowledge keep updated with my page ......
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