Ramdan healthy tips

                Ramdan healthy tips
Hey everyone as we all know the month of ramdan started from now and in month of ramdan people with religious view Islam supposed to be in fast ( Roja) with all the rules as per the religious book of holy ..
So in month of ramdan it's become necessary to stay fit to continue with fast so I am going to share with you guys some healthy tips , by following you can stay fit and also make your family fit and fine .
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        Health tips for Ramdan
I'll be sharing with you my five top tips for getting you through a healthy Ramadan the act of fasting allows one to reflect recalibrate and detox from our routine day to day life take for example tea or coffee how much do you have in an average day for me I have two cups of coffee and three cups of tea throughout my day and as we know our tolerance to caffeine changes the more and more we have so it doesn't have that great effect on us so by fasting it allows you to stop pause rewind and reflect Ramadan is a holy month that's celebrated by millions of people around the world it primarily involves fasting from sunrise through to sunset yes that is right that means no food or water and it's for that reason that certain groups of people advised him not to fast for example those who may be pregnant breastfeeding those have got chronic medical conditions although she may be frail and elderly those groups people however may do other things they may observe it by coming to the mosque for example if you're unsure about your medical legibility for fasting be sure to speak to your medical doctor after all email that with a sick note doc yeah I need a sick note why what's wrong it's Ramadan they expect me to fast but you don't need a medical note to exempt you from fasting you don't understand doctor what's wrong oh well here you go here's a medical note now of course.
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5 tips for healthy Ramdan.

 if you are able to fast here are my 5 top tips to get you through a healthy Ramadan number one plan your meals yes okay it sounds obvious and you probably thinking why am I even talking about this but how many times have you go into a supermarket an empty stomach you tend to pick up all of the food on the shelves because you're really hungry and that food tends to be the more processed food they're ready to eat meals the quick easy options and those options don't generally tend to be the healthiest Facebook for example is ready-made mean as you can see all nutritional values at the back you can see here it contains over 1200 milligrams of sodium or salts have 100 grams and it's recommended to have under 1600 milligrams of salt per day so you can see that this almost is all of your salt intake for the whole day now salt makes us feel tired it makes us feel thirsty makes us feel bloated so it's not ideal and of course this isn't even hello not today congratulations you've made it through your first fast and very very well done to you now as tempting as it may seem to rush off into the kitchen Ramage the kitchen fridge the stoves the cupboards I definitely advise you not to do so remember your digestive system has been asleep for the past 12 to 18 hours anyone where you are in the world and so if you eat too much too rapidly it's going to cause your stomach to go into overdrive producing lots of acid and then you'll have acid reflux or heartburn which isn't very pleasant but not only that when we are fasting our stomachs shrinks in size so if you eat a lot rapidly it's gonna stretch out and cause you to have stomachaches but not only other health benefits there are also other benefits as well to eating slowly by eating slowly allows you to reflect and appreciate your newfound clarity on your relationship with food people tend to break their fast using one or two dates which is a great source of fiber and nutrients including magnesium potassium but always make sure that you go for an option that's not added sugar or glucose around it medjool dates a great natural option and what a fantastic way to rate your fast number three what team to help you get through your fast eat foods that will release energy slowly over a long period of time these include low GI foods such as low GI bread pasta basmati rice and even sweet potato also choose foods that are high in fiber such as a handful of nuts pulses vegetables or fruits aim to have a balanced diet throughout Ramadan you should typically aim for a plate that has 30 to 45 percent of carbohydrates with some vegetables mixed in and around 30 to 40 percent protein letme or fats are under 35 percent this could include streets and also vegetable oil and always make sure that you drink plenty of water and avoid any sweetened beverages such as orange juice so unfortunate Ella this is not the month for you we're gonna have to banish you from our food chart now Ramadan is a time when families come together and give each other gifts including beautiful sweets but after fasting I'd advise you not to over indulge in those sweets because it can make you have withdrawal symptoms it can make you have more cravings for them as well so you end up being in a bit of a vicious cycle but not only that they can give you headaches migraines low energy mood swings oh my goodness why would you do this to yourself and always always remember to drink plenty of water including non sweetened beverages throughout your day and that leads me on to my next point don't spend every hour after sunset eating food now as humans we all do it when we have a deadline we cram in we cram in the food as much as we possibly can but I would strongly recommend not to do this your body needs time anytime to break down the food anytime to absorb the food it needs time to rest your body is very clever
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 did you know that your stomach actually releases chemicals to your brain to say hold up I'm no longer hungry anymore I'm actually full so by giving your body some time you're allowed to communicate with itself and it also gives you time to do something else as well such as exercise which leads me on to my next point number four exercise best time to exercise during your fast is about one hour before the Sun sets your carbohydrate levels are low so only do low intensity training now this could include things such as light weights yoga stretching or even just walking in the park if you've got a local Kmart or Argos they often sell series of light weights and yes even by doing these light weights it does still count as exercise and on the plus side by the time you've done a few reps you're actually closer to your fast breaking the other ideal times to do exercises are after your main meal and after suhoor at these points your energy levels are high so you can go for higher intensity exercises such as jogging cycling or even using the Cross Fit trainer at the gym and by doing this you're helping to keep your body fit and healthy and of course as we know exercise releases those happy hormones in our tummy that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside number five eat a sensible Sahul Sohal relates to the meal that you have before you start your fast now it's really easy as humans for us to panic and eat loads of food because we've only got half an hour left but don't overdo it and don't binge on food because if you have too much food you'll actually end up feeling really sluggish and tight throughout the whole of the day instead choose foods that will release energy slowly throughout the day such as oatmeal eggs meat fruit veg and you'll feel a lot lighter and happier throughout your fast and of course not forgetting drink plenty of water and non sweetened beverages now my top tip for this is not to have too much water all at once instead have small amounts of water regularly because if you have too much water all at once your stomach will swell up and you'll feel artificially full so there you have it guys my five top tips for getting you through a healthy Ramadan thanks for watching and Ramadan Mubarak if you have any questions then comment on comment section I'll try my level best to short out with your query.

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