Should we choose sales as carrier ??

    Should we choose sales as carrier?
     Sales a profession who became trends for carrier growth on the other hand expert says it's tough to survive in sales you need to have so much patitent and have to do hard work then only you can lead to success in sales, in such conditions the biggest question for beggeners should the join sales should they choose sales as carrier ??
     Today we are going to tell you some benefits and some loop hall of sales then you decide should you choose sales as carrier or not ??
       So again a salesperson  a sales job Just doing the job  doesn't have a emotion or closure profession has the emotion then same emotion become passion  that win is to make a deal happened and when you have that desire that whatever  it's take I gonna do then only you can make a transition to become a professional  because you will do whatever it's takes to make it happen and you will never starve because you would become a hunter that's correct that's when you well do whatever it takes to learn and these skill necessary for you to sell it is it's yourself .

Sales not  a profession we went school for you or anyone else we met accidentally with this either you don't have a option to choose or you find someone to grew up with this profession earlier we all find that sales will give us opportunities to scale our bussiness to discover entrepreneurship . So did you start your career in sales how's that.
When I started my carrier in sales I was going through in process of learning and discovering what it is not to just make a sales  but we reach to able to close a transaction which is what get you the check so I think that's a moment I realized I do closing and that's a key I decided to be here in this profession with a question that should we choose sales as carrier ??
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I talk to number of people will they join sales  
They don't want to be in sales they know sales is a kind of like a bad word or sounds bad , I got sales has a back stigma to it's that right so I don't think that people make distinction between Sales job and sales career ,
Sales is like you go to store to buy and concerned people trying to sell you that's their job.its a very little art of sales something unless is high end you know suit and high end product you buying it's very little art of sales

You need to understand  if you want to join sales as a career you need to became a artist not only with the product pays enough for the work that you r gonna be doing I think that's a sales job the biggest difference between the sales job and sales career is amount a money you make per transaction because sales job is only gonna be little amount  little product something that's people actually looking for it's sales career , when you go to people show then what you have and you convince them to take it so I think there are a lots of people the start in sales they start the bottom right you start the bottom they want to sale this and they have to escalate their perception all the way to top correct one of the transition when I made my transaction from becoming just a sale employee or you know used to referral from a pseudo good company,you know lots of people in sales they make a good money and so you can but you need to have a patients and art to deal with situation lots of time you will face a problem that you never deal before but those situations make you better as a human or as a sales professional how to deal with this.
If you want to get successful in sales you need to read the costumer mind questions is how you can do it so your survey and proper perception audit can help you it's depend upon how strong your survey was you need a plan to deal with it in professional language we say pre-call planing this is what you plan to sale a product to individual target audience what you get through your survey and the other one is post call analysis this is about you evaluation about your own performance that what was the gud thing in your presentation and where was the loop hall if you did it then you won't repeat your mistek again which help you always as sales professional.
 So dear readers you see it's gud as profession but same you have to face challenges or needs to be ready to accept threat any time rest sale related knowledge I have share in my other post what you can check in my blog so click on the link to check it

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